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Tuesday, 29 September 2009
I was asked by Mindy of Sinfully Sweet Creations if i would make an Avatar Tutorial to go with her Good girls go tut, sort of a collab thing. As i had done her tut & fiddled about & made an Avatar to match lol So here it is, i hope i have written it properly & that you can understand it. Its my first tut so pls be gentle with me! Thank you Mindy for asking me to make this was an honour ♥ Mindys tut ~ SinfullySweetCreations This is what we will be making... Photobucket For this tutorial you will need the following: Basically its just doing the same as Mindy did in her tut... 2 tubes of choice: I used the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac, you can purchase them at AMI. You must have a licence to use his art. Fonts used Cajun Boogie, Bitch Cakes & Freebooter Script (free fonts) Filters: Tramages ~ Tow the Line, Eye Candy400 ~ Gradient Glow Lets begin!....pls bare with me as this is my first ever tut! Open a new canvas 150x150 Make your foreground #a70000, background #ec0303, click on your foreground and make it a gradient, style-linear-angle 43-repeats 3. Flood fill canvas with the gradient, effects –tramages tow the line – 80, 54, 48, 9. Rename Background selections, select all, modify, select selection borders, make it 4, inside ticked, anti alias ticked. New raster layer flood fill with #000000. select none. Add a drop shadow to the border, i used 2, 2, 50, 5. Rename border Now copy + paste your Angel tube, make sure its below the border, resize till you get it how you want it. I resized mine by 70%. Add the same drop shadow as before. Rename Angel Now do the exact same as above with the Devil tube. Rename Devil Hide the Devil & Angel tubes & grab your Bitch cakes font and type out the following: ‘Good girls go to HEAVEN’ - #ec0303, make sure it fits nicely inside the border, drag it below the Devil But above the Angel. Convert to raster layer, Effects-Eyecandy4000-gradient glow- Basic glow width-3, Glow colour-Fat. Now move it kinda near the top, make sure it doesn’t go under the border. Add same drop shadow as before. Rename text 1 Now type out ‘Bad girls go everywhere!’ With Cajun Boogie. Do the same as above with gradient glow & drop shadow. Making sure it fits nicely inside the background layer. Drag it above the Devil tube. Rename text 2 *If you have done Mindy’s tut first then instead of typing it all out again just copy & paste each of the texts, resize to fit & sharpen* Now type your name with Freebooter Script font #000000, again make sure it fits nicely then add same drop shadow, add same gradient glow as text. Rename name. Make sure your name doesn’t go over any of text 1 or 2. Add your © info This is what you should have ~ Background layer, Angel, text 1, Devil, text 2, name, border & © info at top. Click on crop tool, merged opaque & click the green tick Now open AS. Hide all your layers in PSP except Background layer, Angel, name & Border. Copy merged + paste into Anim Shop. Back to PSP, hide the Angel open text 1 copy merged & in AS paste after current animation. Back to PSP, hide text 1 open Devil copy merged & in AS paste after current animation. Hide Devil open text 2 copy merged + in AS paste after current animation.You should now have 4 frames. Click on frame 1, Animation, frame properties 100. Frame 2 make 120. Frame 3 100 & frame 4 make 120. View animation & save. Phew all done! I hope you were able to follow my first ever tutorial. If you have any questions etc pls feel free to mail me.

1 comment:

  1. Great tut! I have the avatar on my blog with a link back to you! Thanks for putting it up!I also added your blinkie to my blog.


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