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Sunday, 19 September 2010
Photobucket ~Supplies needed~ Tube ~ I am using the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac, you must have a licence to use his work which you can get here ~ XERACX Scrap Kit ~ PTU Too Cute To Spook by Kris which you can find here ~ Tags By Kris Template by me ~ HERE Mask ~ WSL_Mask 178 here ~ weescotslass creations Font ~ Bitdust2 & Angryblue Controlled Filters ~ Noise, constelation ~Lets Begin~ Template ~ Open my temp up & resize 650x600. On the pink rectangles layer, select all, float, defloat, new raster layer & floodfill #f6891d. Do the same with pink circle layer but no new layer, so we keep the dots. Keep selected & take your close up tube and paste as new layer, resize by 120%, once your happy with placement invert & delete on tube layer. Xero radiance, change Beauty to 180, change opacity to 75, drop shadow - 2 2 50 5 & -2 -2 50 5 Left pink square ~ select all, float, defloat, new layer & floodfill with this gradient ~ Background #f6891d, foreground white, linear, angel 36, repeats 1 Do the same with the right pink square. Delete original layers. On both the squares add noise - random, 40, monochrome ticked. Now add drop shadows - 1 1 50 5 & -1 -1 50 5 Black square left ~ Select all, float, defloat paste tube as new layer & resize by 12o, invert delete. Do the same with right square, select none. Duplicate each tube layer & on top tubes gaussian blur 3, blend mode screen Time to add some elements, MIZ_pumkin, paste as new layer, resize 50% twice, place where you want or see my tag. Duplicate pumkin & resize 80% & place infront of larger pumkin, see my tag. Merge down,add drop shadow 2 2 50 5 Paste MIZ_web as new layer position to the top left, resize 50% & then 80%. Drag it below the left orange gradient square, drop shadow 2 2 50 5. Paste spider2 as new layer, resize 50% twice, place on web & give a gradient glow #e8650b, add drop shadow 2 2 50 5 Paste bat1 as new layer, mirror & move to the right side, resize 50% twice, gradient glow #e8650b, drop shadow 2 2 50 5 Paste tube as new layer in middle of tag, duplicate, top tube gaussian blur 3, blend mode soft light, add drop shadow 2 2 50 5 to bottom tube layer. Highlight the orange rectangles layer, texture effects, weave - 2 15 2 black fill gaps ticked. Add drop shadows, 1 1 50 5 & -1 -1 50 5, to white rectangles & white glitter oval Now i always copy merged in to anim shop & resize, i didmine 550. Paste back in PSP as new layer, adjust, sharpness, sharpen. Resize 95% Add new raster layer floodfill #e8650b, drag under tag layer, layers, new mask layer, from image, find WSL_Mask 178, source luminance ticked & invert mask data unticked, merge group, resize by 115. Constelation - 2, 16,1,4,100,69 With Angryblue font type your name #e8650b, noise - random, 40, monochrome ticked. gradient glow fat white, glow again with the orange #e8650b, slide right slider to the left abit so the glow isnt so thick. Add drop shadow 2 2 50 5 Add copyright & save as png Thats it we are done! I Hope you enjoyed my tut & that it was easy to follow. Any problems pls e-mail me at the addy on the right. Sharon ~x~


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