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Wednesday, 17 November 2010
Photobucket ~Supplies Needed~ Tube ~ I am using the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac which you need a licence to use & can get here ~ XERACX Scrapkit ~ Pink To Make The Boys Wink by Diane here ~ Candys Treats Template ~ Smooth Criminal by Cakes here ~ Crazy Cakes Scrap Filters ~ Xero Radiane Font ~ LDJ Jilly Nilly ~Lets Begin~ Open Smooth Criminal temp & delete ©, Smooth , Criminal, thin lines(3+4) & Gradient(2)layers. Canvas size 900x800 Highlight the Pink Oval(7), select all, float, defloat, new raster layer & Floodfill #f776a6, select none, delete orig layer Highlight one of the white circles, select all, float, defloat, paste paper14 as new layer, resize 80%, invert delete, select none & delete orig layer. Do the same with the other white circle Large rectangle(1) ~ select all, float, defloat, new raster layer & Floodfill with this gradient - foreground white, background #f776a6, KEEP Selected, paste tube as new layer to the left, invert delete, select none, duplicate, mirror, merge down onto one layer, Xero Radiance Beauty 200, blend mode Luminancy(L) Black rectangles(8+9) ~ Merge both down onto one layer, texture effects, weave, 3 10 3, both colours #f776a6, fill gaps ticked. Select all, float, defloat, modify, select selection borders 5, new layer floodfill with the gradient we used earlier, select none, adjust, add noise 30, random, monochrome ticked On the Oval layer & white circles layer do the same as above but make the colour white On the gradient layer with the tubes do the same again but make border width 10, floodfill white etc PinkWinkBubbles ~ Paste as new layer, resize 50%, move to the left top then drag to bottom, duplicate,mirror, flip PinkWinkBracket ~ Paste as new layer move to bottom of rectangle with tubes, duplicate, flip, make sure they are placed in the same position, merge down PinkWinkCharm1 ~ Paste as new layer, resize 55%, place to the left of tag, see mine, duplicate, flip, merge down Paste PinkFairySparkle in middle of tubes layer, resize 50% twice PinkWordart2 ~ Paste as new layer, resize 50% 80%, place ontop of tubes near bottom, paste PinkWA6 as new layer & resize till it fits beside the Pink wordart, merge down, gradient glow fat white, see my tag. Add drop shadow to layers, copy merged into anim shop resize to 550, paste back into psp, sharpen Paste full tube as new layer, resize if needed, xero radiance, add drop shadow Add © & name then save as png. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial ♥ Sharon ~X~


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