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Sunday, 11 September 2011

~Supplies Needed~

Scrapkit ~ Finding Neverland by Sleek & Sassy here ~ Sleek n Sassy Designz

Filters ~ Xero Porcelain

Fonts ~ FFF Urban, Ma Sexy

Animation ~ Lil Star & Pixie Dust, both by Lovey here ~ Love Shack Tutorials

~Lets Begin~

Open new raster layer 800x800. Paste Element 27 as new layer, resize 80%

Click inside each Frame with your magic wand, paste paper 1 as new layer, resize 75%, invert delete, select none

Paste Element 69 as new layer, resize 80%, move to right of Frame

Paste Element 22 as new layer, resize 60%, move to left of Frame

Paste Element 18 as new layer, resize 80%, Free rotate 90 right, position ontop of Frame, drag below Element 69

Paste Element 70 as new layer, resize 30%, position top left of Frame on top of Elemnts 22 & 18

Paste Element 48 as new layer, resize 20%, drag below Wendy, position like she is holding in her hand

Paste Element 52 as new layer, resize 40%, position to left on top of Element 22 so it looks like she is sitting

Paste Element 76 as new layer, resize 40%, position to bottom left of Frame, duplicate, resize 70%, move slightly to right

Paste Element 65 as new layer, resize 40%, place to left in front of Tree Stumps, drag smaller Tree Stump above Elem 65

Paste Element 74 as new layer, resize 20%, position to left infront of Tree Stumps

Paste Element 16 as new layer, resize 70%, drag below Frame layer
Paste Element 26 as new layer, resize 60%, drag below Wendy layer(element 69), duplicate, mirror, move back & place ontop of first flower layer, merge down, mirror, move back to right & place so it looks like she is standing on them

Paste Elemnt 15 as new layer, position at top of canvas, drag to bottom of palette, duplicate, flip & merge down

Paste Element 44 as new layer, resize 70%, move to left, drag to bottom of palette, duplicate, mirror & merge down

Add Xero Porcelain to Wendy(element 69)

Flood fill Raster 1 with white

Add drop shdow to layers, crop any extra white background

Copy merged in to Anim Shop, resize 550, find Lil Star animation, delete first 2 layers, select all, now duplicate tag to the same amount, select all, copy & paste Lil Star into selected frame & position on the light in the Lantern, view animation

Now Find Pixie Dust animation, select all, resize animation 80%

On your tag you have 18 Frames but we need 23 frames so copy & paste first 5 frames, keep Ctrl button held down & click each frame till you get 5, paste after last Frame(18), view animation & it should look good, if not just undo till you get it right, select all

Now copy Pixie dust & paste on to tag, just on top of Tinkerbells hand, view animation, both animations should be working perfectly!

Select Frame 1 & copy & paste back in to PSP, add © & name & paste these back in to Anim Shop, remember to duplicate them so you have 23 Frames, paste into selected frame then view animation again & if happy save!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial


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