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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

~Supplies Needed~

Tube ~ I'm using the awesome artwork of Arthur Crowe, which you need a licence to use & can get here ~ Arthur Crowe's Factory
Tube was purchased while he was at PTE

Scrapkit ~ Love Spell by Amy Marie here ~ Taggers Delight

Filters ~ Xero Raidance & Porcelain

Fonts ~ FFF Harmony, CalligraPhilip

~Lets Begin~

New raster layer 700x700

Paste Pent2 as new layer, resize 80%, move slightly up canvas

Paste Moon as new layer, drag below Pent2 & resize 115

Paste tube as new layer & drag below Pent2, resize if needed, with eraser delete any parts of tube that are outside the Pent2, Xero Radiance - Beauty 200, on tube

Paste cloud as new layer on left at bottom of Pent, duplicate, mirror, move slightly towards left & merge, drag to bottom of palette

Paste Books as new layer, resize 50% & place on left

Paste SpellBook as new layer, resize 50% & drag below Books, should now look like its sitting on top of them

Paste Skulls as new layer, resize 50% 80%, move to left & place in front of Books

Paste Spiderweb as new layer, resize 50%, place on top of Skulls & Books

Paste Back2 as new layer, drag to bottom of palette, resize to suit

With your crop tool, crop any extra canvas then add drop shadow of choice to layers

Add main tube as new layer, resize if needed, place at right, Xero Porcelain & add drop shadow

Paste CLoud 2 as new layer, drag under Tag & place to right, duplicate mirror flip, merge down, resize 95% or to suit. Add drop shadow with #902823

Add name & © then save as PNG!

I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial ♥


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