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Tuesday, 2 December 2014
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~Supplies Needed~

Tube ~ I'm using the awesome artwork of Zlata_M, which you need a licence to use & can get here ~ Pics For Design

Scrapkit ~ Christmas Frost PTU by Foxys Design here ~ Digi Fox's Studio

Filters ~ Xero Radiance

Fonts ~ FFF Urban, Dominique

Mask of choice

~Lets Begin~

New raster layer 900x900

Paste Frame 2 as new layer, resize 80%, free rotate 90 degrees right, click inside with magic wand, modify expand 8 & paste paper 6 as new layer, resize 80%, invert delete. Paste large Tube as new layer, delete, select none. Xero Radiance - Beauty 150, Blend Mode - Overlay

Paste full Tube as new layer, resize 80% & place along bottom of Frame, duplicate, blend mode  screen on top tube

Paste Elem 15 & 16 as new layers, resize 50% 70% 80% & starting with the blue move to left side of Frame then place white half on top, merge down, duplicate & move slightly over. Do this all the way along to right side of Frame

Paste Elem 8 as new layer, resize 50% & place on right side under flowers, duplicate & move slightly towards left, duplicate again & move slightly to left again, merge down, duplicate & mirror, merge down

Add a slight drop shadow to flowers & leaves

Paste Elem 31 as new layer, move to top of Frame & drag to bottom of palette above snowflake making sure you see some of the garland above frame, duplicate flip & move so its the same as at top, duplicate & 90 degrees left moving again if you have to, duplicate mirror, & move again if needed. I resized the left & right by 90%. Merge all 4 garlands down

Paste Elem 13, 27, 29, 42, 51 as new layers, resize to suit & place on right side in front of Tube. I mirrored Elem 13

Paste Elem 44 as new layer, resize to suit & place middle top of Frame

Add drop shadow of choice to layers

Copy merged in to Anim Shop & resize to suit, paste back in PSP & sharpen

Paste paper 6 as new layer & apply mask, merge group & flip

Add name & © then save as PNG!


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