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Saturday, 18 April 2015

~Supplies Needed~

Tube ~ I'm using Scottish Terrier by Kajenna, which you need a licence to use & can get here ~ Pics For Design

Scrapkit ~ Country Collab 2015 ~ Britain PTU by Ladyhawwk Designs here ~ CDO

Filters ~ Xero Porcelain

Fonts ~ HansHand, FFF Urban

~Lets Begin~

New raster layer 600x200

Paste Tube as new layer, resize 30%, Effects-MuRas Meisters-copies-wallpaper-default settings. Adjust-Blur-Motion Blur-Angel 40-Strength 100

Paste Elem5 as new layer, Xero Porcelain-default, change blend mode to screen

Paste Tube again, resize 50% & move to left, duplicate & mirror. Duplicate left side again & move to middle, resize 70% & hide for now

On the other 2 Tube layers add Porcelain again, duplicate & change Blend Mode to Screen, merge down then Screen again

Unhide middle Tube, porcelain, duplicate, screen, add drop shadow of choice to bottom tube

Paste Elem14 as new layer, resize 30%, move to top left, duplicate, mirror & merge down. Xero Porcelain & drop shadow

Paste Letter Box to left, resize to suit & add the same Porcelain, duplicate & screen then drop shadow. Do the same with Telephone Box but paste on the right

Paste Teapot & cup to left side, resize & add the same Porcelain & drop shadow. Do the same with the Bag but paste on right

Paste Wordart as new layer, resize to suit, move to bottom left beside Cup

Click on the Tube background, click Crop Tool, merge opaque, click green tick

Still on Tube background select all, select selection borders - inside, anti alias ticked, 4.

 Make sure Elem5 is in PSP then in your materials palette click Foreground, pattern then look for Elem5, once you have it make Scale 200, Angel 0

Now back to Tube Background, new layer & flood fill with the Elem5 gradient, select none add fat white gradient glow & drop shadow - 0, 0, 100, 5

With your HansHand font type out 'Rules!' or whatever you like & place along side Britain wordart. add drop shadow

Merge visible & sharpen

Add name & Copyright then save as PNG!

I also made a FB Timeline by just altering the sizes needed

Hope you enjoyed my Tutorial ♥


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